Setting Goals: The Cause Mapping Certification Program and Your Problem-Solving Skills

I don’t know about anyone else… but I cannot wait to get out of this year and into 2022 – more than any other year. This year was unforgettable—one for the books. I wish life would magically resume to normal when the clock strikes midnight, but I know it’s not the case. However, it’s not stopping me from using it as a “fresh start.” I like the idea of setting goals or New Year resolutions to help motivate and focus my efforts. If you’re considering or evaluating goals for yourself, what about becoming a better problem solver? Problem solving is not only a career skill but a life skill.

Imagine being able to confidently approach your employer or potential employer and demonstrate your ability to dissect a complex problem effectively with a neutral, unbiased perspective. Not only that, but to do so by improving communication within the organization and leveraging the knowledge of the people closest to the work to better understand an incident’s specific details and the associated opportunities for work improvements. As you clearly communicate those findings and solutions up the chain of command, the value of your efforts becomes evident. Every organization needs and values effective problem solvers – is that you?

You can expand your training and formalize your expertise (AKA put it on your resume) with the Cause Mapping® Certification program. This program can give you the confidence and proficiency necessary to lead any type of incident investigation, of any magnitude, in any industry (or personal situation). Working alongside a mentor, you will gain and refine the skills that allow you to reveal more effective solutions to your problems. As a champion of the Cause Mapping method, you will become a valuable resource providing expertise, investigation support, and RCA program guidance within your organization.

The Certification Program and Process

You need to do two things to get started: attend a full Cause Mapping Root Cause Analysis Workshop (or have recently attended one) and secure your boss’s buy-in and approval. From there, we will ensure you understand the Cause Mapping methodology through the completion of a study guide and an assessment. In parallel, we’ll refine your facilitation and Microsoft Excel skills by working through 3-5 incident analyses. As you build the Cause Map™ diagrams, you’ll receive feedback and guidance on the investigations from your mentor.

We’ll be there to help you investigate any problems that may be ongoing or that you may have put on the back burner with one of our facilitators, with any level of support you may need throughout the process. In addition, we will develop your presentation skills to help you more efficiently communicate an incident and its findings. This will be demonstrated through the presentation of one of your incidents to your team (while we observe). Lastly, to complete the certification, we will test your facilitation skills through a live assessment with your mentor where you’ll work through a provided problem and exhibit the skills you developed through the duration of the certification.

The program is self-paced, but generally, it takes about six months to complete. We recognize you’re busy and unforeseen circumstances can arise (hello, 2020!), so this program was built in a way that allows you to determine your pace and schedule based on your individual circumstances and goals.

Consider setting an achievable goal that can transform your career this New Year’s Day because, after all, who doesn’t want to work in (or provide) a safer environment, save money (or reduce waste), or make a system or equipment more reliable? For more information about the program, visit our website or give ThinkReliability a call at 281-412-7766 to discuss whether certification is right for you.

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