The Force Was NOT with Them! Episode 2

Jon Bernardi

Last year we presented, against the wishes of the Emperor, a Cause Map investigating the destruction of Death Star One (DS-1). (See the Cause Map posted not so long ago on 4 May 2016). As with any Cause Map, as new information surfaces, we need to update the map to incorporate the changes forced by the revelations and learnings. The evil Empire is no exception! In a roguish twist, we have found that there were other causes in motion when the powerful Death Star One was destroyed.

We have now learned, through our ever present and super-sneaky spy network, that there is more to the chain-reaction that demolished the Death Star. A key feature of DS-1 was purposefully altered to create a hidden flaw in the design. This new information has been added to the first version of the Cause Map for the destruction of DS-1 to make it more complete. The Cause Map also shows that all the mighty Empire forces and superior brains did not detect the flaw in the design during construction or testing!

Our next step is to ensure that this Cause Map never falls into the hands of the Empire. We can see many spots where solutions could be applied. We must not allow those solutions to be implemented. Keep the FORCE with you and don’t let this information become known.

We are counting on you!

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