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Webinar: Introduction to 5-Why for Frontline Professionals

December 14 2018
10:00 am - 11:00 am
Central Time (CT)

Typically, your frontline people are the first to experience problems in your company. Oftentimes small anomalies are overlooked or unreported to management because they seem normal to the frontline - “it always does that.” A thorough incident investigation reveals signals that had been missed for days, months and sometimes even years.

There’s a huge amount of frontline information and insight available if a company knows how to access it. Frontline employees should be problem-solving lookouts for your organization. The closer problem analysis is moved to the day-to-day work, the better an organization’s ability to respond and reduce the likelihood of catastrophic events. This is one of the advantages of 5-Why for the frontline. This webinar will contrast the conventional approach to 5 Whys with our 5-Why Cause Mapping method, and we’ll explain how you can apply it to your organization.

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