What is missing in your RCA Program?

Aaron Cross

Your RCA Process is the roadmap to an Effective and Sustainable RCA Program

The effectiveness and sustainability of your RCA program is dictated by a clearly defined root cause analysis process and the commitment to executing the process by management. And just like any task within an organization can be captured in a process flow, or process map , so can the overall investigation and prevention program. 

It's important that key stakeholders are deeply involved in evaluating and developing a customized RCA program that will drive results and integrate within the current processes of the organization. An effective and sustainable RCA Program are based on five key elements:


ThinkReliability Approach

When ThinkReliability performs an RCA program review, it consists of three phases designed to leverage the strengths of the current program within the organization, identify gaps and opportunities, and propose recommendations that can be immediately implemented. This is all typically done remotely, eliminating the need for travel.


Using the current state process map, it's important to create aprocess map that will build on the strengths of the current program and address existing gaps. This allows for changes based on best practices and our expertise working with and building programs with other organizations. Throughout this process, ThinkReliability will work to identify customized recommendations that are practical without sacrificing elements critical to the success of the program. Elements that you can expect to find within your customized process include:


  • Linkage to key performance indicators for the company
  • Data-developed trigger points for conducting an investigation
  • Guidelines on the appropriate level of detail (based on severity)
  • Documentation and database requirements for incidents and action plans
  • Steps for implementation and follow-up on action items
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Defined stakeholders and RCA champions
  • Reporting requirements
  • Protocol for sharing lessons learned across the organization (Cumulative Cause Maps)
  • Training requirements
  • Certification requirements




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